Outboard Winterization Services
Warner's Dock Inc.
1020 North Knowles Avenue
New Richmond, WI

Service Description

Winterization Services

Outboard 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke

1. General check over of engine, drive and fuel systems.

2. Drain / check / refill gear lube.

3. Stabilize fuel.

4. Run engine / fog cylinders. Drain water from cooling system.

5. Inspect trailer wheel bearings, tires and lights.

6. Disconnect batteries to prevent draw.

4-Stroke engine oil & filter change is generally recommended annually. Additional parts & labor.

Evinrude ETEC 3 Year Service / ETEC G2 5 Year Service

  1. General check over of engine, drive & fuel system.
  2. Computer diagnostic-including software updates.
  3. Drain / check / refill gear lube.
  4. Replace fuel filter & spark plugs.
  5. Replace water pump impeller. Replace impeller housing (if needed or requested).
  6. Run ETEC Winterization process (if requested).